We Should Be Inspired After Seeing Their Photos

These people are an inspiration for all of us, with their weight loss fight and emerging as winners in the end and gaining control over their lives. It takes a lot of discipline and mental strength to achieve what they have done. Kudos to them !!

He decided to loose weight and now he is fitness trainer

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Lost 61 kgs and now has sustained for 3 years

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Lost 186 kgs.

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Managed to loose 65 kgs for his wedding

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Lost 113 kgs in a year

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In 3 years he lost 86 kgs

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Training and no fast food. Lost 67 kgs in one year

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Lost 55 kgs and maintaining it for 7 years now

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Lost 51 kgs, as she wanted to look like Kim Kardashian

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Lost 52 kgs to become a body builder

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Lost 30 kgs

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Lost 93 kgs in a year for her beloved

Facing serious health issues because of his weight, lost 83 kgs


This man lost 192 kgs to gain control of his life again

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Lost 55 kgs with workout and diet control

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Lost 60 kgs to avoid her boyfriends offences, married another man

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