Stunning Wildlife Photographs Shortlisted For Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

We present you with the stunning pictures shortlisted for the wildlife photographer of the year. This images will mesmerise you and will leave you spellbound admiring the beauty of the nature.

Justin Hofman’s ‘Sewage Surfer’

‘Saved But Caged’ by Steve Winter

‘The Power of the Matriarch’ by David Lloyd

‘Mother and her tiny cub began to trek back home’ – Ashleigh Scully

‘Under Water’ – Qing Lin

‘Resplendent Delivery’ – Tyohar Kastiel

‘Romance Among The Angels’ – Andrey Narchuk

‘Arctic Treasure’ – Sergey Gorshkov

‘Bold Eagle’ – Klaus Nigge

‘Moment of Peace’ – Mats Andersson

‘Glimpse of a Lynx’ – Laura Vilas

‘Swim Gym’ – Laurent Ballesta

Credit: Viral Thread

© Copyright Chipak 2018

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