Something Is Strange Going On In These Pictures

This is collection of photos where something is strange going on. These photos will turn your boring lives into more interesting. If you have some pictures which you feel at bizarre, please feel to share with us.
Too Expensive

© Imgur

Selfie Noodles
© DJchutzpah/Reddit

Can you please switch off the light, I need to sleep

© Reddit

Miss those days

© Programmed4this‏/Twitter

Secret food stash

© AairBear/Imgur

© jchangart/Imgur

Traffic Angel

© polikpolik/Pikabu

Nutella Sandwich

© Imgur

I guess the fish is very smart

© sXe_savior/Reddit

Too tired to stand
© cobeh64/flickr

Pepperoni car

© Imgur

My first love

© Northbike Sweden AB/Facebook

Do something exciting

© hide4way/Reddit

Need more space
© Granjaguar/Reddit

I m watching you

© MoonQueen/Imgur

Iron Pets

© iancall/Reddit

Wind won’t blow me away

© SetQuite/Pikabu

Banana Temple
© Imgur

Fish Bank

© gsbaha9/Imgur

Count how many are there

© Imgur

Credit: h/t

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