People Who Gained Control Of Their Lives And Changed Beyond Recognition

There is truly nothing better than a victory over yourself. It’s so exciting to prove that you’re strong and that you can achieve anything when no one believes in you. These people are strong and purposeful. They should be an inspiration for all of us and for the weaker person inside us

2 years and 50 lbs later, training for marathon, wore this dress to work today

Since 2014 lost over 160 lbs and I ran my 3rd marathon in past 23 days

Conquered Anorexia and managed to got a perfect body with the help of gym

I’m 55 years old and lost 105 lbs and my wife lost 61 lbs, by eating better and excercising

Lost 295 lbs in the last decade

From a binge drinker to a fitness freak, quite a turnaround in the last nine months

Lost 85 lbs in the last few months. This is the new me work in progress

No alcohol and 53 lbs in one year has changed my life

Lost 193 lbs in 2 years

Our combined weight loss is 180 lbs

Manage to loose from 220 lbs to 119 lbs in 3 years by running every day

Lost weight from 279 lbs to 198 lbs and to 145 lbs. 26 lbs are still to be lost, but I’m happy and proud of myself

Finally got rid of my belly after loosing 178 lbs

Gained normal weight after 3 years with sufficient amount of food and swimming regularly

Lost 80 lbs since September 2016

Keto diet for 3 months for weight loss

Used to weight 275 lbs and lost 92 lbs

100 lbs lost naturally through diet and exercise

Lost 65 lbs

After no alcohol, fast food and sweets, lost 125 lbs

Lost 176 lbs in 4 years with great effort

Pokemon Go diet, 15 months program

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