Emperor Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Mysterious Men

The legend of the “Nine Unknown Men” goes back to the time of emperor Ashoka. According to the legend it was a secret society formed by Ashoka. After the battle of Kalinga where 100,000 had died, Ashoka at the sight of this massacre resolved to follow the path of non violence.

After this incident he converted to Buddhism and found this secret society of these nine unknown men to preserve and safeguard the knowledge which would be dangerous to humanity if it fell in the wrong hands. During his reign knowledge of natural science was vowed to secrecy. Therefore for the next 2000 years, all researches were hidden behind the mystical mask of people commonly believed to be concerned with ecstasy and supernatural phenomena.

All the knowledge was preserved in nine books, and these nine men were responsible for the upkeep, guarding and improving the book. These books are believed to be handed over since the ancient times. These books dealt with different branches of potentially hazardous knowledge.

  • Propaganda and Physiological Warfare: considered to be one of the most dangerous. It contains concerted message with the aim of influencing behaviours and opinion of very large number of people. As it is capable to moulding mass opinion, it would enable anyone to govern the world.
  • Physiology: mechanical, physical, biochemical function of the living organisms. This book included how to perform the “touch of death”. It is believed Judo is also a product of this book.
  • Microbiology: As per the recent speculation it might be Biotechnology. As per the myths, the water of the Ganges is purified by special microbes designed by the nines and then released into the river at a secret base in Himalayas.
  • Alchemy: There is a rumour in India, that during the times of drought or some other natural disasters, the temples and other religious organisation receives large quantities of gold from an unknown source.
  • Communication: It is included communication with extra terrestrial.
  • Gravitation: It contained information about building “vimana” or sometimes referred as the “ancient UFO’s of India”.
  • Cosmology: the ability to travel at enormous speeds, time travel and including intra and inter universal trips.
  • Light: the capacity to increase or decrease the speed of light, to use it as a weapon by concentrating in one direction.
  • Sociology: rules concerning the evolution of the societies and predicting their downfall.

Avoiding all forms of religious, social or political agitations and concealed perfectly from the public eye. This is oldest secret society of the world. Having the power to mold the destiny of the human race, but refraining from it, this society is finest tribute to freedom.

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